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Connie Bratcher Inspirational Messages in Poetry books

The Author..

Connie Campbell Bratcher was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and reared in East Point, a suburb of Atlanta. She wrote several poems as a child, and was inspired to begin writing again in 1970. Her work has appeared in several anthology books including Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum.

In 1999, she established this Internet ministry and now has over 1,000 poems of inspiration and faith that
are touching hearts and lives all over the world.

These faith poetry messages are now available in book form with the artwork of D.D. Watson adorning the cover. Book Titles are as follows:

  • Volume 1 - "Inspirational Messages in Poetry~ For a Deeper Faith" (includes sections I - VI, prayer
    and personal)

  • Volume 2 - "Inspirational Messages in Poetry~ For a Closer Walk" (includes sections VII - XII)

  • Volume 3 - "Inspirational Messages in Poetry~ For a Clearer View" (includes sections XIII - XVIII)

  • Volume 4 - "Shine The Light" contains excerpts from her three previous books. Also, includes D.D. Watson's paintings in color and Gabriele Ervin's unique color illustrations.

  • Volume 5 - "Sing Unto the LORD," Connie's latest book, is unique in that it contains ~ Hymn Titles in Poetry.

These hard cover books make beautiful gifts for family and friends, and they are now available for purchase
by emailing Connie (clicking on the book icons above or e-mail link below).

God Bless You!

Email Connie: conniebratcher@gmail.com> .



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