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  Faith Messages 2

Eternal Life's Door
Eternal Life
Praise His Holy Name
We'll Never Suffer Loss
The Hope of Glory
God's Word Is
Heavenly Treasures
How Could We Ever Thank Him Enough
By Faith
Seek First The Kingdom Of God
Where Treasure Is Found
A Place Within
We Just Can't Praise Him Enough
Lift Him Up
The Hand of God
The Way of Salvation
He Delivers
We See Him in Nature
Behold The Lamb
Behold His Birth
A Quiet Place
No Room
Behold The Cross
Behold His Resurrection
In Time of Need
Never a Day Passes
He Hears and Answers
Be Still
In His Service
Listening To God
Written In Our Hearts
Christmas - Is He There?
One Soul
Miracle of all Miracles
Believing is Seeing
He Always Understands
The Christian "If"
In His Hands
A Debt of Love
God's Holy Laws
The Greatest Commandment
God's Promises
Preparatory School
The Glory of Creation
Indescribable Blessings







Never a Day Passes



Never a day passes-
Never a moment goes by
That we don’t need our Saviour,
And His mercies from on High.
Some days are dark and cloudy,
And we could use a friend-
“What a Friend We Have in Jesus”-
He is faithful to the end.
The times we fail our Master,
And begin to go astray,
“The Way of the Cross Leads Home”,
And helps us find our way.
When there’s trouble all around,
And we become distressed,
“Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”-
Just to lean upon His breast.
When trials and hardships come,
And we feel our hearts would break,
“Take it to The Lord in Prayer”,
Our souls He’ll not forsake.
And when we need an extra portion
Of His tender loving care,
“Jesus Spreads His Banner O’er Us”,
And keeps us sheltered there.
Then when all is going well,
And the day is sunny and bright,
May we “Yield Not to Temptation”,
But rejoice in Christ, our Light.
Never a day passes-
Never a moment goes by
That we don’t need our Saviour,
And His mercies from on High.


“Great are Thy tender mercies, O Lord...”

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Connie - Oct., 1999



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