Never Wavering



Friend, let us be wholly devoted
To our Shepherd every day,
Never wavering or faltering,
But walking close as we pray.
This world is headed for destruction,
Souls need to hear God’s call,
O let us be faithful followers…
Never wavering at all.

Standing firm on Christ, the Solid Rock,
We have peace beyond measure;
When storms arise on the sea of life…
He’s our Anchor—our Treasure.
But He who wavers is like a wave
Driven by the wind and tossed…
He is unstable in all his ways
And pays an eternal cost.

Let us reach out with fervor and zeal,
Moved by divine love within;
As the Holy Spirit does His work…
There’s deliverance from sin.
We serve a Savior who is able
To rescue souls from the fall,
Let’s be about our Father’s business,
Following Christ, standing tall…
Never Wavering.


 “He that wavereth is like a wave of the sea
driven with the wind and tossed.”
“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith
without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised)”
(Ja 1:6; Heb 10:23)


~ Connie Campbell Bratcher - Nov, 2007 ~



Copyright © 2007, Connie C. Bratcher

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