No Longer Without Him



Without Christ, we’d never know true love—
He is the essence of love;
Without Him, there would be no true light—
He is the light from above.
Without Him, we would have no real peace—
He gives peace when we’re made whole;
Without Him, we would have no real joy—
He’s the joy within our soul.

Without Him, the world would not exist—
For with Him all things were made;
Without Him, there’d be no forgiveness—
Upon Him our sins were laid.
Without Him, Heaven would not be home—
We’d still be dead in our sin;
But with Him, we have abundant life—
A life that is pure within.

With Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior—
There’s love, peace, joy, lasting life;
He is our Shepherd, we shall not want—
He’s with us through toils and strife.
Without Him, all of life would be vain—
We would be in darkness grim;
Christian, give thanks to God the Father…
We’re No Longer Without Him!


“Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers
of the inheritance of the saints in light: Who hath delivered us from
the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.”
(Col 1:12-14)


~ Connie Campbell Bratcher - Oct, 2007 ~



Copyright © 2007, Connie C. Bratcher

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