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In Our Garden Alone
Such Beautiful Roses
The Potter's Hands
Completely Free
A Million Years
Blessings In Time of Trial
We'd Gladly Give
Gloriously Reap
God's Eternal Call
Like An Oak Tree
Bear His Fruit
The Simple Man
A Sure Foundation
He'll Be Your Dad
Time is Precious
Strength for the Race
Perfect Healing
Redeemed to Serve
Never Give Up in the Valley
A Fountain in the Valley
A Little Portion of Heaven
The Sun Shines So Much Brighter
What Manner of Man is This?
Strength in Christ
A Bright New Life
That Old Rugged Tree
Know Ye Not?
Lord, Thank You
The Song of a Soul Set Free
A Beautiful Creature
Something Out of Nothing
The Prayer of Jabez
It All Goes Back in the Box
You Will Never Be Alone
No Need to Worry
Draw Nigh to God
The One Way Street
My Life is in His Hands
A Day of Disaster
Resting in Your Hand
God Truly Bless America
What Matters
God Alone
Life is Worth the Living
So Much More
Walk The Christian Walk
A Holy Living Sanctuary
Little Things








The Sun Shines So Much Brighter



The sun shines so much brighter
Since my Lord I came to know;
Those heavy burdens lifted,
The garden takes on a glow.
Never had I ever seen
Such a glory in a flower,
Till my weary soul was saved
By God's mercy, grace and power.
The moon now shines to praise Him,
As I've never seen before,
And the shining stars above
Now are sparkling even more.
As I look up toward heaven,
And on this earth all around,
I can only stand in awe
Of such beauty to be found.
What a wondrous change takes place
As our eyes are opened to view
The creation of our God
Through a heart made clean and new.
A portion of His kingdom
Lights this earth with heaven's glow;
The Sun Shines So Much Brighter
Since my Lord I came to know.


"Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light."
"... the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light
of the sun shall be sevenfold...in the day that the Lord bindeth up the
breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound."
(Ps.148:3; Isa.30:26)

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Connie - July, 2001



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"In The Garden"