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  Faith Messages 8

Gentle Shepherd
Our Shepherd
I Shall Not Want
Abundant Life
In the Darkest Valley
The Shepherd's Table
Teach us, Lord
Your God is With You
Redeeming the Time
The Grace of God
Precious Grace
What a Privilege
Right There Where You Are
Do You Know Him?
I Stand in Awe
Draw Me Closer
Secure in His Hands
A Life That Satisfies
I Did it My Way
Only You
I Belong to You
No Greater Love
Walk On
Life Is So Precious
The Great Deceiver
Heaven and Hell
Just Trust Him
Find Yourself a Hideaway
Wouldn't It Be Great?
The Master's Touch
Problems Develop Us
Looking Unto Jesus
The Pathway to Heaven
Lord, I Owe My Life to You
The Great Pretenders
Lord, Teach Us to Wait
Do We Really Love?
God's Law
The Upper Room
Lord, You are the Keeper
A Humble Dwelling
Lord, Lift Us Up
The Spiritual Battle
In The Days Ahead
Never Give Up!
Contend For The Faith
Lead Us On






Life Is So Precious


Every little life is so precious,
Breathed by the Heavenly Dove,
Created by God for His pleasure…
A gift of His grace and love.
The tiniest baby in the womb,
And the unhatched little bird,
Are very valuable in God’s sight…
It’s clear in His Holy Word.
To disturb a nest of little eggs
Is a federal offense,
Yet, we have legalized abortion…
Friend, does this make any sense?
Have we so devalued human life
That we sink to such a sin?
May God have mercy on our nation…
Forgive and heal from within.
Sometimes we carelessly disregard
Precious lives we pass each day –
Hurting souls needing a special touch…
Who may have drifted away.
Others may have never come to know
Spiritual blessings from above;
How we need to point them to Jesus…
And His sacrificial love.
Oh, let us always respect each life
As a God given treasure;
Each one is a sacred creation…
Made by Him for His pleasure.

Life Is So Precious.



"For thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure
they are and were created."
"He giveth to all life, and breath, and all things"
Jesus said: "The very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Ye are of more value than many sparrows."
(Rev. 4:11; Acts 17:25; Matt. 10:30-31)

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Connie - June, 2003



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"Gentle Shepherd"