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Everyone Is Special



Everyone Is Special in his own way;
Each having his own part to play.
Yet, itís not like acting out some role -
Real life effects the heart and soul;
And how important it is for us to be
Preparing ourselves for eternity,
By making sure that the part we play
Brings glory and honor to God each day.
He made one of a kind - each is unique -
The way we look, and the way we speak.
We have a gift thatís all our own,
Belonging to only us alone;
Freely given by the Father above
For the purpose of sharing His great love.
So, why compare ourselves with our brother?
Everyone Is Special, none like another;
And let us not just act out our part,
Whatever we do should come from the heart.
May we be ourselves - honest and true,
For thereís only one me, and only one you.


"Glorify God in your body, and in your Spirit which are Godís"
(1 Cor. 6:20)


Connie - May, 1996



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