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True Liberty
The Christ
The Saviour
Seek and You Shall Find
Just As We Are
Payment In Full
A New Creation
Justified by Faith
What A Difference
Called Into Light
Holy Light
He's Always There
Follow The Master
So Many Blessings
It Would Cause Us To Shout
All Within His Plan
God's Grace Is Sufficient
The Valley Times
Where Souls Draw Nigh
In God's Time
Rejoice Evermore
The Right Path
The Prize
Our Life's Message
Everyone Is Special
In His Loving Arms
We're All Human
An Unspoken Language
On The Giving Side
Only One
Right Where We Live
His Schedule
God's Computer
God's Recorder
Heavenly Band
Where Is Home
We Shall See Him
Well Done
What Lies Ahead

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Follow The Master



Take not the wrong road, which is easy to do,
But follow the Master who’s righteous and true.
Be not overcome by loneliness and fear,
The loving Master is ever so near.
When you’re troubled by this world’s affairs,
Look to the Master - the One who cares;
And never be discouraged by the meanness about,
Just trust in the Master, forsaking all doubt.
Take no anxious thought about what lies ahead -
For He who holds the future is alive from the dead,
Ready to lead in the righteous way...
Those who will follow Him day by day.
Praise His name, what a great God is He....
Jesus the Master, through eternity.



"If any man will come after me, let him take up his cross,
and follow me"
(Matt. 16:24)


Connie - May, 1970



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