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What Lies Ahead

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What Lies Ahead



The exact state of eternity
Is not for you and me to see;
For we do not know what lies ahead,
Only what our Lord has said.
Its through a glass darkly we look while here,
But then face to face, all will be clear.
He said there are mansions with streets of pure gold,
And angels singing as blessings unfold -
A glorious state of harmony and peace,
Joyful bliss, all tears to cease.
A grand reunion with those gone before,
Well know and be known as we enter the door;
Forever rejoicing, all fears relieved,
A crown of righteousness to be received.
Then at His feet our crown well cast
As we bow before Him...Home at last.
No, we do not know what lies ahead...
Only what our Lord has said.
Praise His Holy Name!


"I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying,
Alleluia; salvation, and glory, and honour,
and power, unto the Lord our God"
(Rev. 19:1)


Connie - July, 1997



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