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  Faith Messages 4

What To Seek
The Written Word
The Living Word
I Stand Amazed
Serve God Today
A Burden For Souls
The Living Church
A Simple Message
The Solid Rock
Pray And Obey
The Holy Light
The Holy Spirit
Those Special Blessings
Graduation Day
God's Love
Fellowship Divine
Christian Fellowship
How Many Times
Seek The Lord
When We Fail
Peace And Joy at

His Voluntary Death
Hope For Man
Our Heaviest Burdens
Our Lord's With Us
Humble Still
God's Kingdom Is At Hand
Precious Gifts
Ask Not
Darkness Shall Flee
Paradoxical Truths
The Lord Will Make
A Way...Somehow

Strong Faith
The Light of Calvary
He'll Take Care of You
Angels Unaware
A Two Way Street
The Solution
Conforming To His Image
Take All We Are
A Wonderful Choir
The Lighthouse
Go Ye
The Simple Faith Of A Child
Where The Still Waters Flow
You Light Up Our Lives
A Family United As One







Those Special Blessings



Praise God for those special blessings
He sends along life's way-
The times of revival and renewal
When excitement fills the day.
In these mountain top experiences
We clearly hear His voice,
And our souls are filled with vigor,
As our yielded hearts rejoice.
Working in our lives, and others,
The Light of His Glory shines,
And we joyfully sing His praises
During these special times.
But, let us never fail to praise Him
For His sustaining power
That keeps us steady in the boat
Through the stormy hour.
Those times we feel we're sinking
In the ocean of dark despair,
A still voice quietly whispers peace,
And we know our Lord is there.
As He walks with us through the valley,
He seems closer than before-
The darker the night, the brighter the Light,
His Glory shines even more.
Then, when there are no highs or lows,
But, merely a routine day,
Those Special Blessings still fill our souls
Every step of the way.


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings
in heavenly places in Christ"

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Connie - Oct., 2000



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