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  Faith Messages 7

On Holy Ground
Where Do You Stand?
Only the Blood of Jesus
In the House of Prayer
As the Sun Sets
The Beauty of a Sunrise
God's Gentle Touch
Love Beyond All Measure
I Just Know
Keep Us in the Trenches
Our Precious Lord is There
Leave it in His Hand
Dare to Dream
Dare to Take a Stand
If Everyone Were Free
The Cross Leads Home
Your Heart Can Sing
God Is Watching Over Me
A Balm for the Soul
Lord, I Belong to Thee
An Old Fashioned Christmas
Mary's Revelation
His Spirit is Right Here
I Never Cease To Be Amazed
Our God is Real
Come Aside
Listen With the Heart
When We Differ
The Master Planner
Wherever My Shepherd Leads
What a Tragedy
A Tender Loving Heart
Safety in Thee
Knowing Christ
Did You Ever?
God Still Speaks Today
Are We Listening?
The Spiritual Rock
The Holy Bible
The Contents of the Bible
The Golden Thread
The Incarnation of Christ
Strength in Weakness
Without a Doubt
Everyday Blessings
In the Midst of War
Fight the Good Fight
Laborers Together






The Incarnation of Christ


Christ came…Truly God – Truly man,
Sent from the Father to earth…
The seed of the Holy Spirit –
A miracle virgin birth.

In His humanity: He thirst,
Grew hungry, became tired, slept;
He was tempted just as we are,
Suffered pain, agony…wept.

Christ was human, yet without sin.
He was the incarnate God:
Our Savior, King, dearest Friend,
Walking here on earthly sod.

He clearly claimed His deity
As He spoke with men on earth;
He exercised God’s great power…
Forgave, cleansed and gave new birth.

He healed the blind, the deaf, the lame,
Raised the dead to live again…
Yes, He was God come in the flesh,
The Redeemer of sinful man.

Human enough to feel our pain,
Touched with each infirmity,
God the Son gave His own life…
To save from depravity.

A ransom for the souls of man,
In His humanity He died…
As God, He arose to live again…
Our great salvation…supplied!


"And the word became flesh, and dwelt among us."
Jesus said: "I and the Father are one."
(John 1:14; John 10:30)

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"Holy Ground"