A Satisfied Mind


A song was written long ago
That touched me and maybe you;
It is one we all surely know…
And its message still rings true.

It speaks of the love of money,
And how we set out to find
Our fortune, fame and happiness…
Seeking a satisfied mind.

It tells the rest of the story…
How not one rich man in ten
Has found that money satisfies
His hungering soul within.

It tells that many are paupers,
Though they have great wealth untold,
Compared to those who have nothing,
Yet rich blessings fill their soul.

It tells what money cannot do…
Buy back our youth, give us friends,
Or bring us the eternal wealth
That will last when this world ends.

What a great message that song has!
Now to add a little more…
Nothing this world has to offer
Can take us to Heaven’s shore.

But souls who turn to Jesus Christ,
Most assuredly will find
The treasure for which they have longed…
A Satisfied Mind.


 “For he satisfieth the longing soul,
and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.”
(Ps 107:9)


~ Connie Campbell Bratcher - Jun, 2007 ~



Copyright © 2007, Connie C. Bratcher

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