In the Valley


When you reach a dark valley, friend,
And you think you can’t go on,
Turn your eyes upon the Savior…
He will lead you safely home.
Though the path may not be easy,
He’ll be with you all the way,
And when you slip and fall…
He will lift you as you pray.
Those stumbling blocks you encounter
Are stones in the Potter’s hand,
To help mold and make His vessel…
In accordance with His plan.
When you are discouraged, my friend,
And suffer pain and heartaches,
Focus upon Christ, your Shepherd…
Follow every step He takes.
He is your hope, He is your victory,
Your abundant joy and peace;
Turn your eyes upon Him each day…
Till all pain and grief doth cease.
Those valley times can be so tough,
But God is the God of all,
On the hills, and in the valleys,
We must listen for His call…
Listen for His voice every day;
Listen not just with your mind,
Listen with your heart as you pray…
At each turn, look for His sign.
He speaks as we cross the mountain,
And walk the smoothest plain,
But it is In the Valley, friend…
That we hear Him call our name.


“The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.”
(Ps 29:4)


~ Connie Campbell Bratcher - Aug, 2005 ~



Copyright © 2005, Connie C. Bratcher

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