Changed Lives


The alcoholic throws the bottle away,
Delivered from the state of sin…
For that drink holds no more power over him…
He is a new creature within.

The adulterer goes forth to sin no more,
Forgiven – cleansed by God’s own hand –
The merciful hand of that One long ago…
Who stooped down to write on the sand.

The homosexual changes his lifestyle,
As he hears God’s strong Word spoken…
Those chains of bondage are shattered in pieces…
As Satan’s power is broken.

The idolater surrenders those idols,
For the glow is suddenly gone…
A heart filled with love now worships the Savior…
As new life in Christ is made known.

That one living a prideful, self-centered life,
Now lives for the Master each day…
An humble soul, desiring to please the Lord…
And to walk in His holy way.

The religious one who did many good deeds,
Though he knew not Jesus, the Christ…
Now joyfully labors, serving the Savior…
Having received abundant life.

Praise God for Changed Lives!


 “Be not deceived: neither fornicators, not idolaters, nor adulterers,
nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous,
nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified,
but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”
(Cor 6:9-11)


~ Connie Campbell Bratcher - Jul, 2004 ~



Copyright © 2004, Connie C. Bratcher

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